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About Diwan Bookstore
Diwan Bookstore is privileged to welcome thousands of customers through its doors every day in its many outlets in Egypt. Our stores provide an atmosphere where people can buy books, films, music, magazines, or have a coffee and catch up with friends in a familiar place. We offer the largest selection of cultural products in Egypt. Above all, our dedication to excellent service has created loyal customers all over the world. Established in 2002, Diwan Bookstore has emerged as a chain of boutique bookstores with a unique brand that retails niche products. We are passionate about the production and consumption of cultural products in their widest manifestations. When you enter any Diwan Bookstore, atmosphere dominates. From the welcoming and helpful staff to the relaxed browsing – these are key components that make Diwan Bookstore a retail experience. In the spirit of creating an environment that values sharing knowledge and culture, we regularly host local and international authors for lectures, book signings and children’s storytelling events. Diwan Bookstore offers books in four languages across multiple genres. We are proud to boast the largest selection of children’s books in Egypt. Our stationery section includes local niche products and leading international brands. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are continuously expanding the services we offer to include home delivery, free book ordering, and online purchasing.

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