Abdel Fattah Greiny - Concert

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Date: 06-08-2012 to 06-08-2012

A huge number of SunCity mall visitors, in addition to thousands of young girls and boys met with singer Abdel Fattah Greiny, where he performed live. Greiny took the stage around midnight and opened with his song “Hatgannenni”, amidst loud screams and cheers of the audience. He performed for about an hour and a half, singing songs like “Abou Khad Aannabi”, “3 Kalimat”, “Beteegi Ala Bali”…alongside some songs of Warda Al Jazairia and Abdel Halim Hafez. And the whole time, he wrapped the Syrian and Moroccan flags around his neck, while surrounded with members of his fan club.

The event was organized by SunCity Mall